Holly + Derek | 02.20.20

Love… so pure… so simple…

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We met in Davenport, IA...

Derek was in town performing for the weekend at Rhythm City Casino. Saturday afternoon, Derek and a couple of his band mates walked into Granite City and bellied up to the bar for some food and beers. Holly was bartending that afternoon and they hit it off right away. After lunch, Derek asked Holly for her SnapCode and both agreed to try and meet up later that night after her Matchbox 20 concert, and after Derek’s show. After what was seemingly going to be a bust night, they eventually ended up meeting each-other downtown Davenport where the most amount of fun and ridiculousness ensued. They have been inseparable ever since…

“She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Her hair, eyes, infectious smile, sass, wit, and humor… she was, and luckily enough, IS my perfect human.” -Derek.

”We were destined to meet. He’s like no one else in the world, and he loves me more than anyone ever could! He’s the rest of my life.”  -Holly

All photography provided by Jes Clewell.



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He Proposed

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She Said Yes

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